Asus PQ321 with IGZO Technology

Monitor with very good image quality, there is now a new option that you can get. The monitor is a the latest from Asus named Asus PQ321.

The first advantage of this monitor is at a very high resolution. This monitor is a monitor with a resolution of 3840 x 2140. Especially with large size, which is 31.5 inches, the monitor was going to give a very good picture quality.

Plus Asus also pinned IGZO technology that can improve the sharpness of the resulting image. With the use of this technology, even this PQ321 Asus monitor capable of displaying colors making a total of 1 billion colors. In terms of the density of pixels, this monitor also has the same density with most smartphones, which is 140 ppi.

Other features, this monitor also has a point of view to 176 degrees. In addition, there are also two built-in 2W stereo speakers, 2 HDMI inputs and display port. Unfortunately the Asus has not announced the price of this monitor. But certainly the price is quite a drain bag.

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