Buffalo HDD Fast Like SSD

Buffalo has just introduced a new HDD product that claimed to have the ability not inferior to the SSD. By doing so, called HDD DriveStation HD-GDU3 DDR has an ability to read data faster as well as extra-large storage capacity.

If the claims of Buffalo is true, then the HDD has the ability to read data up to 330 MB per second. The scanning speed thanks to the use of these data on the HDD 1GB DDR2 this one. In addition, this HDD also uses a USB 3.0 interface for connection with other devices such as a PC or tablet.

So, for those of you who have large files such as videos or images, may now have the option to use this HDD. Regarding the price, this HDD already on sale at a price of 159 USD or about 1.6 uta dollars to 2TB capacity.

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