PS3 Successfully Hacked For Pirated Game Play

No need to doubt the reliability of the Sony PlayStation 3 in creating a fairly successful so far to discourage the piracy game. With a strong combination between hardware and embedded software, especially with Blu-ray, making the PS3 is reasonably assured and could only play legal games only aliases are paid. But it was valor and confidence that must now be demolished because it reportedly has successfully broken PS3 to be able to play pirated games recently.
Name of George Hotz, who recently posting articles in his blog which mentions that he has managed to tamper with the PS3 hardware and had to modify it. His name was not too well known and is still pretty doubtful validity. But apparently what he mentioned is not just boasting, because he himself had managed to break into the iPhone.


"I have read / write access to the overall system memory, and HV levels to access the processor. In other words, I had to hack the PS3. The rest is just software alone and I flip it over. "She said. "I've done on overturning several times, including LV0 and LV1. I've also been throwing NAND without deleting or modifying the chip. "

But apparently he's not ready to publish these knowledge. Meanwhile, solutions for the defense was not yet patched the PS3 at all, Sony is still able to inhibit its success. "As far as doing exploits, I'm not going to reveal it. This theory really has not been patched, but they can make their implementation more difficult. In addition, for reasons not quite clear I'll post them. I hope to find the decryption key, it seems that embedded in its hardware. Hopefully not much different as the iPhone KBAG. "

Hots himself admitted that the system created by Sony is quite safe and takes about 3 years, 2 months and 11 days to resolve, maybe. Even if there are really going to destroy this system is safe, of course that person is really great.

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