Meizu MX Android from China

Meizu MX, smartphone device formerly known as the Meizu M9 II with four-inch screen capable of displaying a resolution of 640x940px. Hardware design is expected to use dual-core chips and the body will be much thicker than one hundredth of an inch less than the iphone 4, the competitor from Apple. Hardware shown in the show is still believed to be a prototype, but expect Meizu MX Wong will be sold at the end of the year for 3580 yuan price is relatively low ($ 548) with a storage capacity of 16GB. It still uses the Android smartphone, maybe version 2.3 or higher at the time of sale, with the user interface is highly customizable and RAM 1GB of RAM to handle the application.

Meizu increasingly innovative with its own hardware designs and a special interface after initially trying to emulate Apple, but the choice is often made ​​with reference to Apple in their thinking. Meizu M9 uses a screen of the Sharp-sourced 3.5-inch 640 × 960 is almost identical in the Retina Display on iPhone 4.

Unconfirmed rumors have pointed to Apple's use of four-inch screen on the next iPhone and thus that both Apple and Meizu users may have been told they can expect a similar showing. Dual-core will become common in cell phones this year and we will see the iPhone uses the A5 processor before the processor gets MX which is roughly equivalent. (Source)

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