Oppa Ulike 2S Official Release

Mobile is designed specifically for women or those who like the narcissist from Oppo has now been officially announced. Oppo Hanpdhone is Ulike 2S which is the successor of the Oppo Ulike.

Advantage of this one smartphone camera is on the front. If there is usually only a 2MP camera on the front, then the Oppo Ulike 2S has a 5MP camera on the front. By doing so, self-portrait will be fun because the resulting picture quality so much better.

Meanwhile in the back of the camera there are also others, namely the 8MP camera. Meanwhile, the smartphone's screen measuring 5.5 inch with 540 x 960 pixels rsolusi, quite a contrast to its predecessor which has a screen measuring 4.5 inches.

Next, phablet also comes with dual SIM card and battery capacity of 3000 mAh. Unfortunately, the Oppo does not mention the other specifications such as processor or RAM and internal memory. In any smartphone on the price of this one. However, with the presence of Indonesian Oppo, this smartphone will probably also exist in the homeland market.

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