Google Docs on Android Now !

Google has just announced the launch of Google Docs application for Android. People who use the services of this cloud-based office applications on their computers will be glad to know that they can now access Google Docs on their mobile phone via a native application rather than having to go through the browser. If you are not familiar with Doc this Google service, Google Docs is basically the application / software office / produktivity suite is on cloud platforms. 

All your work edited and stored online, with benefits such as to work on the same document at once with others in the same time and not have to rely on physical media - can access your work via the internet anywhere. You do not even need to install any additional software except a browser on the computer. What makes Google Docs on Android differs from the version of the browser is the ability to create documents from a photo - just select the option when you create a new document, and snap a photo of some text. Equipped with an OCR program will convert the image from the text to editable text. Currently only English is supported, but other languages ​​will be available in the future. 

Because it is still in its infancy, this app still has a long way to go before becoming a full-featured applications such as those offered through a web browser, but this is a good start. Google usually does a good job with their applications for Android phones, and Google Docs do not seem to be disappointing after an update again. You can download it on the Android Market today.(Source)

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