Technique and Strategy Trading Forex

This technique uses averages techniques simultaneously. Only suitable for a currency that has a daily range is not too large and stable. Example: GBP / USD, EUR / USD, USD / CHF, and USD / JPY. Ideally used pair also has a small spread and combined with a broker who has a trading robot features (Expert Advisor)
Quantum Mechanical Basis of this is the principle of balance in force in the universe, as if there is a good example of course is bad, the day and night, the men and women. Likewise in the forex, if there is an increase of course there is a decrease, not likely a trending market (bullish) will continue to rise and so on and vice versa if bearish, at some point it will turn around.
This is also due to fear (fear) of human (trader), so if they Long (Buy) and have obtained certain benefits that are considered adequate, then they tend to sell for fear that if the price back down (loss). In addition, many other factors that affect, for example news / news (fundamental analysis), predictive indicators (technical analysys), pivot point, and others.
Factors you should consider the use of this technique is forex are:
Currency you use MUST have High-Low Daily Range is not too large and stable.
Example: GBP / USD, EUR / USD, USD / CHF, and USD / JPY
The number of lots that you use and your capital adequacy Make sure you understand very well the calculation of leverage, margin, and capital strength that you have.
If there is an important News related to currency traded, you should be more careful or close positions before the news was announced (or even no trading on that day).
Example: When you trade GBP / USD will have to be careful with the news of U.S. and UK (United Kingdom).  
If you are a beginner and want to know the schedule of important news from the markets worldwide, please read the news (news) from "economic calendar" on the website
Here are step by step instructions to trade using Quantum Mechanical exclusive property namely:

Customize your own capital with a minimum lot forex broker you, that is at least your capital is $ 500 if using a micro lot (1000)

Open order: Buy OR Sell (up) at Market Prices (current prices) with 1 micro lot (1000) if you have $ 500 (special for Brokers who trade in Forex (Foreign Exchange) Professional, MICRO Account)

Use the contract size (number of lots) 2x capital.

Example: capital $ 500 then use 2 x 500 = 1000 units or micro lot (per pip worth $ 0.1). At Platform Forex (Foreign Exchange) Professional (MICRO account type), micro lot is volume 1. If your $ 1,000 capital it can use a lot of 2 or 1 (more secure)

For the Standard account type, minimum capital suggested $ 5,000 and open a mini lots (0.1 volume). Please read the difference in the calculation of lot at Broker Forex (Foreign Exchange) Professional

You can also use any indicator to predict just open the first time that such intersection 13 with EMA 50 EMA, MACD, etc.. For the record, you do not need to be open-reel think Buy or Sell as the principle of balance which became the basis of this technique. So please go to any position because this technique will still be profitable even if you mistakenly select Buy or Sell.
For example, open the first time are Buy 1 Lot at a price of 1.3000, TP 50 points at 1.3050. Then you can order pending order "Buy Limit" 2 Lot at a distance of 50 points under it that is at 1.2950, ​​TP 1.3000. Next order again "Buy Limit" 4 Lot of 50 points under the previous order at 1.2900, TP 1.2950 and so on until approximately 5 positions in total, (consisting of 1 and 4 positions open pending order). Five positions are not absolute but you can adapt itself to the needs of the margin and the rest of your funds. Remember! Do not get hit by Margin Call. (Click here for an explanation of margin call)

Especially for users Latest Forex Brokers Trading Software Professional, on a particular currency should be added 1 digit 0 in the back of the coma, because they use one more digit. For example AUD / USD, EUR / CHF, EUR / GBP, EUR / USD, GBP / CHF, GBP / USD, NZD / USD, USD / CAD, USD / CHF which generally has 4 digits after the decimal point to 5 digits the decimal point. To order at the price you enter 1.3000 to 1.30000, TP 20 points mean 1.30200 (Remember! 0.00200 is not 200 points but 20 points!)

As for the pair EUR / JPY, GBP / JPY, USD / JPY, which generally have 2 digits after the decimal point to 3 digits after the decimal point. To order at the price you enter 120.00 to 120.000, TP 20 points means that 120 200 (Note! 0200 is not 200 points but 20 points!)


(A) Buy 1 lot at 1.3050 TP 1.3000 price (market)
(B) Buy 2 lots at a price of 1.2950 TP 1.3000 (pending Limit Buy)
(C) Buy 4 lots at a price of 1.2900 TP 1.2950 (pending Limit Buy)
    (D) Buy 8 lots at price 1.2850 TP 1.2900 (pending Limit Buy)
================================ (Safe limit Cut Loss)
(E) Buy 16 lots at a price of 1.2800 TP 1.2850 (pending Limit Buy)

Important points of technique Double Impact:
Quantum techniques do not use it when there are important economic news. To find out if an important news, you can do the surveys and compare with the economic calendar on the website For list of the Great Economic News you should avoid can you see on the Earth and Sky Engineering.
Total Lot is tuck 2x previous order are: 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, and 32 (Forex Brokers Professional). Or you can use a combination of lots of other, more secure, for example 1,2,3,4,5 or 1,2,3,6,12,24.
Gap distance between orders is 50 points or more (larger more secure, with the consequence takes more time Take Profit touched her and takes more time to monitor). You can use a combination of a rising gap eg order a gap of 30 points, second order gap 40 points, 50 points gap order 3, order 4 60 point gap, and so on. (This method is recommended because it is safe)
Take Profit Level Gap of at least equal to, or can also be more than Gap. This means that if you are a 50 point gap then TP at least 50 or more. For the 60 point gap, TP is 60 or more, and so on. (This applies if you use lots that are 2x the previous lot)
Stop Loss 0
If Take Profit (TP) with LOT LARGEST touched you should close all positions simultaneously.
Examples A and B when the position is still open (loss or BEP), but the position of C already touched TP then you can close all positions simultaneously. You do not need to worry because when the position with the lot BIGGEST have been exposed to TP the loss of previous positions (positions A and B) will be covered and you will still profit because it was 2X Lotnya lot earlier position. The logic of this technique is when you use a 50 point gap, and you are only able to fund up to 4 levels of pending orders that is B to E, then cover the distance of this technique is only about 200 points. In a sense when the market dropped as much as 200 points without any increase of TP you (50 points) then your funds can be exposed to Margin Call! (Click here for an explanation of margin call)

 To minimize risk:
Doing CUT LOSS by closing ALL POSITIONS of (A) or (D) if the position (D) has touched and continues to grow minusnya (Cut loss at the position D is not raw, but you can change up to the position of C for loss is not too large)
Using GAP larger eg 50, 60 or to taste with the consequence that you know the character of the movement of the currency used, and do not forget to adjust the TP level with gapnya. To be more secure, you can use a combination of an increasing gap for example order a gap of 30 points, second order gap 40 points, 50 points gap order 3, order 4 60 point gap, etc.

PLEASE NOTE: Illustration of the calculation (A) to (E) above shall be used as an understanding only. DO NOT put into practice because if your fund is not strong hold losses and was forced to close when the position (A) to (E) has been open, then the number must be very BIG LOSS. Better you close all positions at the open position (A) to (C) or (D) because the lots are relatively smaller, the loss that occurs is not too big.

Therefore, it has been described above that the way to reduce the most risk is the discipline doing the CUT LOSS SHOULD ALL POSITIONS OPEN from (A) to (C) or (D) at the time: The position with Lot Greatest (C) or (D) does not immediate profit, and showed a tendency to get worse (minus the more enlarged).
After the position (A) to (C) or (D) dicut loss. Please repeat orders from Step 2. Another Tip To reduce the risk is not orderer position (E). Enough (A) to (C) or (D) alone. Unless you already understand and adept at using this technique.
You do not have to worry about when to cut loss and a loss, because all successful traders also suffered losses. The difference is how much total profit you more than the losses suffered. If the total benefits far exceed the total loss then it certainly will not even become a problem. Without the mental preparation you will not likely succeed in forex.
Indeed, at first you feel heavy to cut the loss and losing a percentage of the fund, but this way is much safer than the risk of Margin Call. Remember do not be greedy! You do not need to worry because if you are consistent, the loss will return within a short time and even generate extraordinary profits.
For those of you who want to use Expert Advisor (automated trading robot) can make requests (Free *) on page Super Hedging Expert Advisor / Robot Trading

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