What is FOREX ?

What is FOREX? Forex (Foreign Exchange) or better known as the Foreign Exchange (Foreign Exchange) is a type of transaction transaction Trade or Foreign Currency trading currency of a country against another country's currency involving money markets of the world and conducted on an ongoing basis.

Given the level of liquidity and accelerating the movement of these high prices, Forex also has become the most popular alternative because the ROI (Return On Investment) or the return value of the investments we have been planting and profit that will be able to exceed the average trade in general, usually Average returns ranged more than 5% - 10% per month reached more than 100% per month for the Professional Trader. As a result of these movements, then Forex is also at high risk if and do not have enough knowledge and good financial management arrangements.

Currencies are traded?
 USDollar, Yen, Euro, Franc, Pound, and others.

How transaction?
Dibursa forex, there are two kinds of transactions: 1. Buy / Offer of the purchase of Foreign Exchange.
2. Sell ​​/ Bid namely the sale of Foreign Exchange.
Each of these transactions we are risking to get some profit / gain, if you are trading buy / sell then you get 2 the possibility of failure / success, loss / gain, fall / rise. Therefore, in risking your transaction is expected to understand the right system and playing by the system that has been determined by Marketiva, for that all transactions should we consider the jelly and cooked for a large profit.

If you buy (Buy / Offer) of a currency, and currency price movements showed a significant rise in the graph tone can take advantage of these price differences by closing your buying position.
Vice versa, if you make sales (Sell / BID) and then the currency price movements experienced Graphic decline then you can also take advantage by closing the position you are selling.

Does it have Two Ways Forex Opportunities?
The answer is Yes, very true. This transaction can be done with 2 road benefits.
1. If prices rise so do the transaction Buy / Offer
2. If prices fall then do the transaction Sell / Bid.
Forex Trading Foreign Currency Trading is conducting commercial transactions via the Internet that has several advantages:
• Trading can be traded at least $ 1 (1 dollar),
• Bonus of $ 5 Live Trading and $ 10,000 for Virtual Trading when you sign up,
• No commission trading,
• Spread a small start at 3,
• Deposit and withdrawal using e-gold, paypal,
• The process of rapid withdrawal, a maximum of 1x24 hours
• etc..

According to Marketiva, the value of transactions reached $ 1.4 trillion per day, thus the investment outlook is very favorable Marketiva ditahun-year future. You can do the transaction at least $ 1, whether you do the transaction buy / buy or sell or sell.

The Forex market is running for 24 hours starting from New Zaeland & Australia market which lasted from 05:00 to 14:00 pm, and forwarded to the Asian markets of Japan and Singapore took place from 7:00 to 16:00 pm, European markets of Germany and the UK which runs from 13:00- 22:00 pm and last American market starting from 20:30 to 10:30 pm.

For Running Process foreign currency transactions, you can use Streamster Software can be downloaded here and for those of you who are still confused about this information please click here. Before you make the process of buying and selling foreign currency transactions are a good idea to try Virtual Trading transaction valued at $ 10,000 and if you have competent and have their own techniques to make trades please try Live Trading valued at $ 5.

"If in one IP (Internet Protocol) you have more than 2 Members Marketiva, it will automatically suspend your membership will be (temporarily suspended), for the sake of security then you are required to submit complete data such as Scan ID card / driving license or other data that is important, then to mengaktivkan return your membership please upload your self-identify to the menu id".

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