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Your fingers are tired from too much typing? Smartfish present trying to entertain you with a keyboard Engage K2418B Compact models are bundled together ErgoMotion technology. The keyboard on this one is a smart keyboard the first time there, which is capable mencengah keyboard you get bored or tired when typing.

Keyboard, developed by Intelligent-motion technology can track the activity your typing movements and could periodically change the shape itself in accordance with a comfortable typing position for you, so your hand is not limited by the usual form of a flat keyboard that you had before.

The keyboard is also directly monitor the frequency you type and check when to change his own position. You imagine that the keyboard on this one can be quite flexible and supple in accordance with the contour of your pressure position. Currently Engage Smartfish keyboard can be used on Windows operating systems XP, Vista and Windows 7. If you are interested to have it, the keyboard is priced 139 USD price range and it is now available at Amazon.

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    -Low-profile keys give you a quiet, comfortable typing experience
    -Type naturally with the standard keyboard layout you’re used to, including full-size F-keys
    -Thin, sleek design keeps your hands in a relaxed and neutral position for effortless typing
    -Durable, spill-resistant design and sturdy adjustable tilt legs
    -Simple wired USB connection – works with Windows-based PCs and Linux

With comfortable, quiet typing, a sleek yet sturdy design and a plug-and-play USB connection, the Logitech Keyboard K120 gives you a better typing experience thats built to last.

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Tutorial Photoshop said...

wah keren amat itu sob, andaikan gw punya 6 dirumah saya hehehehe... soalnya gw suka banget ma keyboard yang mode flat gitu ...

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