AMD Started Mass-production GPU Radeon HD 7000

In the presence of three card GPU low-end mainstay of the fleet of Radeon HD 6000 Series of his ready released to the market in the near future, AMD it seems to be changing most of his attention to the Southern Islands GPU 28nm technology that will come. Then coupled with the existence of the claim report recently appeared related to plan production masalnya fastest in May and the release date is expected in June or July.

The report itself is derived from publication DigiTimes with quotes sources from graphics card makers “, which unfortunately does not disclose other details about the kebertadaan chip.There is even a news show that Southern Islands GPU besutan AMD is based on the same architecture as used in core Cayman Islands currently (or rather can be found on the card architecture GPU Radeon HD 6900).

This will be a tweak to the manufacturing process node and 28nm production. So, certainly will allow AMD to install unit streamingnya into GPU Radeon HD 7000 series later.So far, there is only speculation about the performance of AMD’S latest graphics core. However, with advances in fabrication technology may even single-GPU HD 7000 will be more sophisticated and far superior on the Radeon HD 8,018 that exist today.

Production of the Southern Islands was the first time will be built by TSMC. And if all goes well with its 28nm technology fabrication, then for the next production of some parts will be soon moved its production to GlobalFoundries.The graphics card Radeon HD 7000 this will include both, either desktop or notebook. As for the mobile version will be GPUS itself seems to be presenting four different models later.

Before there is leakage related to launch GPU Radeon 7000 first in the fourth quarter (Q4) in 2011. But the news that it will be biased due to the emergence of new news about Southern Islands GPU desktop that will soon be released in third quarter (Q3) this year as well as AMD introduced its first version of the desktop GPU recently.

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