Western Digital HDD 5 millimeter thickness

Tablet typically uses NAND Flash memory chips as the storage medium rather than HDD. The reason is simple, because the HDD size is too big for a tablet. Other options, tablet manufacturers sometimes use SSD.

Now Western Digital (WD) is developing a small-sized HDD possible so that it can be pinned on a tablet. From the WD HDD will have a thickness of only 5 mm and a capacity of 500GB.

HDD with a thickness of 5 millimeters is not the first time it was introduced by WD. But this being the first time the use of the HDD 5 millimeters for tablet devices. Even WD also ready to show off the tablet at the Computex 2013 in Taiwan.

Furthermore, the HDD will be formed measuring 2.5 inches. 2.5-inch size for a tablet of course is quite large, and this will impact on the space required for the batteries. In the end, the battery capacity will be reduced.

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