iCloud : Free Synchronize & Storages Service from Apple

What is iCloud ? Apple today introduced a new cloud-based service platform, called iCloud. The new service is designed to store all of your content such as music, photos, applications, calendar, documents stored in the storage iCloud on Apple's online servers. ICloud also be able to synchronize wireless / wireless, without intervention from the user. ICloud Service will continue to synchronize all contacts, calendar, letters, photos, and music with some devices. App Store will display all the purchases you've made on one device. You can easily download applications to devices that do not have it with browsing history. new purchase of iBooks and iTunes will automatically be downloaded to any device that is synchronized with the same Apple account.
Wireless backup is also integrated with iCloud. Once a day, the system will automatically back up application data, device settings, pictures, music, applications, and books via Wi-Fi.New iWork applications (Pages, Keynote, and Numbers) is also integrated with iCloud. When a new document created in one application, it will automatically be available on all Cisco IOS devices that are synchronized with the account. The document itself is stored in the cloud / cloud. Developers will be able to take advantage of the synchronization iCloud iCloud available through the API. The document will be automatically pushed / dipush to all device users.
Component photo iCloud called Photo Stream. Photos taken on the iPhone or iPad will be automatically available in iPhoto on another IOS device, and iPhoto on the Mac and the Pictures folder on your PC. 1000 final photo will be stored on mobile devices, while the Mac or PC will have access to all of them. The server will store images for 30 days before cleaning them. Users can also import photos they already have for synchronization.
Components of iTunes allows users to access one of their songs that have been purchased any time on any device. The next purchase may also be dipush to all devices at the same time.Users will get a capacity of five GB of storage for mail, documents and applications, while files of books, photographs are not counted in the quota so bad really deh size is 5 GB. ICloud service itself is free and will come along with the updated IOS 5.
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