PlayStation Vita Released with New Features

For the fans of sony gadgets like Sony PSP. Sony released its newest product under the name PlayStation Vita is almost similar to the previous PSP product. PlayStation Vita is the successor to Sony's PSP gaming device in which used to be called Sony NGP Next Generation Portable is finally officially announced by Sony at the E3 2011. PlayStation Vita (PSVita) has solid hardware specification quad-core processor with ARM ® Cortex ™ - A9 cores (4 cores) and GPUs SGX543MP4 + solid graphics makes it have the ability nearly equivalent to the Sony PS3.

Vita PlayStation screen supports a resolution of 960 x 544px size 5-inch OLED type multitouch capacitive type with dual analog sticks, then there is the touchpad on the front and rear, and there are front and rear camera, too. There's even a GPS function on the Playstation is not behind Vita also feature Augmented Reality also supported.

With the Wifi and 3G features, the Sony Playstation Vita also lets chat when playing multiplayer or watching a video.There are some games that even the PS3 compatible with this PSVita.Meaning Vita itself is Life / Life is taken from Latin.

Most okay news from Sony Playstation Vita is classified as an inexpensive price is 250 USD for the version of the Wifi only and 300 USD for the version with 3G. Quite cheap right? and you can use as a gadget for the internet with a 3G facility.

The following is a list of games that demonstrated Vita PS and already available:
Uncharted Golden Abyss, ModNation Racers, Wipeout 2048, Super Stardust Delta, LittleBigPlanet, Tekken vs. Capcom, BioShock unnamed games, Street Fighter vs Tekken.

You could be visiting the following link to find out further PSVita:

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Toys and Hobbies said...

woow tambah manteb nih klo mo maen,, folback sukses :D

Anonymous said...

is it internationally released with the 250 USD of cost?

Tholibin said...

i like it..

Er'end said...

Keren,tapi 300 USD-nya itu jadi ga keren,boke sieh hehehe!
Oh iya bos submit link,silahkan dicek makasih and selamat berakhir pekan!

adrian said...

keren banget sob..thanks dah sharing..jangan lupa jga komen balik di blogku ya

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