BlackBerry QNX-Based Prototype

Canadian handset manufacturer Research In Motion to move forward with developing the first BlackBerry smartphone that will run under the QNX platform, now even the latest news of the RIM has successfully developed a new prototype device associated it.

After the success of BlackBerry Playbook gush as its first tablet PC fleet with the new operating system based on QNX, RIM is reportedly planning to implement and carry her QNX base platform is in its BlackBerry line of smartphones.

"We are developing multi-core smartphone, and QNX is a multi-core platforms Us What cater for those devices," said Mike Lazaridis as RIM's co-CEO at the time.

Although not known with certainty so far, but one man named Carlo Chiarello, who served as VP of business unit of GSM / UMTS at RIM, said that today it has developed a prototype based on the QNX. And he unfortunately did not reveal details about the QNX-based smartphone is RIM's first and only express the possibility of smartphones in attendance could have been full touch.

In this regard, the RIM itself plans to release a new Storm device that is based on QNX. And so far, apparently still not clear whether the smartphone will offer a similar experience with the BlackBerry Playbook offer or not.

"The fact that the team We've done a phenomenal job in a short period of time to do what they do in the Playbook," said Carlo Chiarello in a recent article on TechRadar records.

"Experience [QNX] will begin to enter the ranks of advanced product Us. I can not say when and I am not allowed to reveal it. But definitely, it's all really part of what we are doing now. "

"I can tell you that these devices will be coming soon to a higher value proposition first. The possibility also will present the first all-touch, maybe even more ... but I can not tell time. What is certain is that device looks amazing of course! "

QNX first handset from RIM that will be released before the end of next year, expected to carried by multi-core processors. Yes, We'll see!
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