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About a month lately, often heard news about a new processor from AMD. Resulting in a hot topic this month. The plan would roll back versions of AMD's desktop Apus Lliano most of her new 2-core processing package or 4-core and GPU Radeon HD 6000. And some of the model name that will be released along with the specification also recently began to unfold.

For the latest product line Llano is eventually going to include six new processors are divided into Apus A-Series and E-Series.

And as the beginning of this release, the A-Series will include five chips with clock speeds ranging from 2.9 to 2.4 GHz, and a few selected models will support Turbo Core technology that can automatically adjust the speed of its core is based on a delegated load him.

Desktop CPU Llano tecepat introduced by AMD is a model A8-3850. Processor is processing 4-pack 2.9GHz core clock, 4MB Level 2 cache, dual-channel DDR3-1866 memory controller and graphics unit Radeon HD 6550D. And it involves no less than 400 shader processor that is clocked at 600MHz and can be operated together with discrete graphics card option in Hybrid CrossFireX mode.

A8-3850 model is one of four desktop processors that do not support the technology Llano Turbo Core and has a TDP of 100W. The only processor A-Series with the same TDP is a model A6-3650. This model also turned out not to have support Turbo Core.

Meanwhile, to lear E-Series brings AMD dual-core design, 1MB L2 cache, dual-channel DDR-1600 memory controller and graphics card Radeon HD 6370D integrated.

GPU model consists of 160 stream processors clocked at 443MHz and has no support for Hybrid CrossFireX setup. TDP on E2-3200 2.4GHz model is at 65W and is equipped with a Turbo Core who has been disabled.

According to Haber Donanim publication, unfortunately so far AMD has not revealed the release date of the Llano lear desktop. As for the availability of its own mobile relatives reportedly going to be launched officially on June 14, 2011.

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