Garuda Operating System

Garuda OS. It is an operating system made by children of the nation of Indonesia where you can use on your computer all. Maybe all this time, we often use pirated OS or foreign manufactured by this time we should be proud because it has emerged Garuda OS that is OS made in Indonesia where you can download the OS eagle now.

If we see from its features do not ever underestimate the OS Garuda Indonesia made this because it has many advantages that are not inferior to OS2 which is known as windows or linux. Another plus is owned Garuda OS is the OS that supports the ISO format which is mostly used in Indonesia.

In addition, by using our OS Garuda going to be free of virus attacks, and we too can easily operate the computer because the OS Garuda Indonesian own applications using our easy to understand.

If you're still curious about the following part Garuda OS application that you can see:


* LibreOffice 3.3 - along with a collection of thousands of clipart, compatible with MS Office document formats and supports SNI (Indonesian National Standard)
* Scribus - desktop publishing (substitute Adobe InDesign, Page Maker)
* He - diagram / flowchart (MS Visio replacement)
* Planner - Project management (substitute for MS Project)
* GnuCash, KMyMoney - finance program (replacement MYOB, MS Money, Quicken)
* Kontact - Personal Information Manager / PIM
* Ocular, FBReader - universal document viewer


* GIMP - a bitmap image editor (Adobe Photoshop replacement)
* Inkscape - vector graphics editor (substitute CorelDraw)
* Blender - 3D Animation
* Synfig, Pencil - 2D Animation
* XBMC - multimedia studio
* KSnapshot - capture the screen image
* Digikam - Digital photo organizer
* Gwenview - Photo Viewing Client
* Amarok - audio player + internet radio
* Kaffeine - Video / movie player
* TVtime - television viewer
* Audacity - audio editor
* Cinelerra, Avidemux - video editor

And many more applications OS eagle that you can enjoy, if you are interested you can directly download eagle OS through its official website which would have provided the link that you can try.

4 Comment:

Belajar Komputer said...

Sebenarnya Indonesia tidak kalah sama luar negeri, banyak software2 dengan kualitas bagus di buat anak negeri, berkarya terus anak negeri :)

Rezdown7 said...

Mirip ama Linux n Windows7...
Salutlah buat anak indonesia yg membuat ini.
mudh2n suatu saat nanti bisa jadi OS Populer di negeri sendiri bahakan di negeri orang :D

vini vidi vucinic said...

:: Nice post & TQ 4 share....^_^

Susanto said...

Ini kayaknya Linux deh... Distro Garuda kan...
yg cakar 1 sama cakar 2... asal jgn cakar-cakaran aja ya.

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