EcoPad Tablet Concept , Recharge by Touch it

Humm .. I do not have long post about gadgets, and therefore today I will post a related article about the latest gadgets. This post is a gadget that EcoPad Tablet that can be in charge by way of touch, interesting is not it? therefore, do not miss reading this post.

Every time you touch the tablet actually you spend a little energy ... and so do you expend energy tablet that makes the battery slowly discharged. But designers Yonggu Do and Eunha Seo has a vision for a tablet with a built-in piezoelectric film that could actually generate power every time you touch the screen so you can go take the tablet without having to plug in power for recharge.

EcoPad concept drawings depict a tablet that never needs charged at all, but we'll believe it when we truly see physical goods. Because, how do you watch videos or read books or doing other activities on the tablet that does not require you to touch the screen more often?

On the other hand, tablets which utilize such technology could at least extend the life of your battery in a certain condition which is certain to be very cool and useful.

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