Razer Blade Gaming Ultrabook

Ultrabook is now not only needed by the business. Even gamers did not want to miss to use these advanced devices. This is the consideration of Razer as one of the world's leading manufacturers of gaming laptops with the launch ultrabook named Razer Blade gaming.

This one has an Ultrabook berukruan 14-inch screen with a resolution of 1600 x 900 pixels. Should like other ultrabooks, the Razer Blade also has a light weight, which is 1.8 pounds and measures a super slim 16 millimeters.

Furthermore, this ultrabook will also use the latest processors from Intel, the fourth generation Intel Haswell processors. In it there will also Intel HD 4600 integrated graphics and NVidia GTX 765 with 2GB of dedicated memory. In addition, there is also 8GB of RAM.

And of course, with the use of Intel's Haswell processor, this ultrabook also provides performance and battery efficiency cukp good. Even the Razer claims that this ultrabook can hold up to 6 hours of usage. Regarding the price, the Razer appreciate this device with a starting price of 1800 USD.

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qoeray S said...

nice info sob...

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Rahasia Hidup Sehat said...

Yeah cool... Now gamers can play anywhere and anytime by using the Razer Blade gaming ultrabook, thanks for your information friend :)

opp said...

sangat keren dan mantap sobat
trims infonya

EntOOnk said...

Kunjungan perdana :D wah mantap gan info nya :D

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