Asus pc compact VivoPC is intended for multimedia lovers and home theater (called HTPC / Home theater PC)-based Windows 8 which also features audio technology and speaker integrated sonic master. One of the advantages of 802.11ac WiFi completeness VivoPC is allowing HD video streaming over a wireless connection / wireless and compact size where the height is only about 56mm or 5 cm's alone.

Currently Asus VIVOPC exact price is not known but the plan was launched in the third quarter of this year will go on sale. Additionally equipped Asus VIVOPC 2 USB3 ports, 5 USB ports and an SD card slot, no kettinggalan drive bay that could use a good sized hard drive 3.5 or 2.5-inch SATA interface 6Gbit / s.

Asus VIVOPC will be okay again if you are using a wireless remote with mouse once cool and futuristic shapes named Asus VIVOMouse.

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