Wi-Drive Kingston

For users of gadgets such as tablets and other gadgets but with problems in data storage, from now on you do not have to worry anymore. Because recently Kingston has launched its newest product. That is Wi-Drive Kingston. 
Kingston Wi-Drive is a solid state drive that has been designed to give users ease of use as a wireless storage device that is suitable for smartphones and tablets. SSD portable drive has a battery life up to 4 hours, and has been designed to be able to stream multiple files at once up to three devices simultaneously. Users need to run specific applications that are designed to take advantage of streaming feature (currently available to IOS, Android in the making).

If you find your mobile device is low on memory and you really do not know what to delete, maybe one of these handy wireless drive. Kingston Wi-Drive comes in two size capacities: 16GB (priced at $ 130) and 32GB (priced at $ 175) and has been marketed. Sure the price is quite expensive but it all depends on the needs of gadget users.

Source : Google.com

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