HTC Flayer New Tablet PC

HTC as one of the famous gadget product, it seems not to be outdone compete with other products. May be future proof HTC will introduce the latest Tablet PC. The name of that products is HTC Flyer tablet will arrive in European stores on May 9, finally narrowing down the May release in pre-orders in the UK.

What isn't yet known, however, is when the seven-inch Android device will be upgraded from Android 2.4 to the tablet-optimized Android 3.0 that competing devices are running on. As for pricing, earlier leaks for the UK had the unlocked 3G, 32GB version priced at a tax-inclusive £600, or the equivalent of $982.

In Germany, the same device cost a very similar 669 Euros ($904).

The Flyer otherwise gets a single-core, 1.5GHz Snapdragon chip, two cameras, a microSDHC memory card slot and a 4,000mAh battery.

A North American release for the Flyer shouldn't be too far behind the European one and will include both the Wi-Fi version at Best Buy and the Evo View 4G for Sprint. Unfortunately has not been established when this product arrived in Indonesia. (Source)

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Shafky said...

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nice review on HTC Gadget.. i like it..

♛★△nd△pʊи B☨s△★♛ said...

✓ Wih kueren Gadgetnya, tapi harganya kok........


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