Broker Forex ?? Read It

In the Forex world, so many titles that we need to know first before we plunge directly. One of them is Forex Brokers. Forex Broker is an entity or individual who served as the hands of the producer to the consumer distribution. In general commerce also known as sales agent, but in forex trading referred to as forex brokers

The brokers take advantage of the spread or difference between the selling price and buying price.

The system of payment accepted:
  • Wire transfers, this method is the most long and most commonly used. So almost all forex brokers serving the deposit and withdrawals via wire transfer, only transfer the cost disadvantages that expensive (about $ 15 per transfer).
  • Through ecurrency.Liberty Reserve, almost all forex brokers now accept liberty reserve as a transfer facility and the deposit, Liberty Reserve is popular to use because in addition to a very low cost (1% or a maximum of $ 2 from each transaction is taken from the smallest), transactions using this facility "Instant" or very fast.

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