Blackberry Still Stands First in Consumers’ Choice

Ten years back, Blackberry was used like a two way pager. Its gradual and immense popularity led to the launch of its first smart phone. The first Blackberry device came into the market in 2002. Research in Motion (RIM) launched it focusing on various useful features like e-mailing facility, internet faxing, web browsing along with all common features like mobile telephone, text messaging, etc. In nutshell we can say, consumers like to have Blackberry, because the device combines the features of several portable devices.
Now Blackberry has become synonymous with corporate use. It offers business-friendly in-built applications such as to-do list, notes, phone book, calculator, calendar, alarm, etc. These features made the Blackberry most preferred choice of buyers as business friendly smartphone and RIM made niche market for them. Being one of the first smartphones for business use Blackberry has been coming up with fresh and innovative design and new models of smart phones like Storm, Bold, and new phones under their Curve and Pearl Series. There are such enormous features; especially all-in-one smart phone attracts buyers by and large.

Blackberry becomes the dominant choice for buying a smartphone of especially of business people and gradually others as well. Its popularity leads to the gradual development of Blackberry Application and software market. RIM has already launched Blackberry App World with availability of more than one thousand apps. This application distribution service provides Blackberry users with an environment to browse, download, and update third-party applications.
The changing scenario and demand of BlackBerry applications indicate the increase in customized BlackBerry applications for customers. That made Blackberry one of the best selling mobile brands in the world, leaving behind Apple’s iPhone. Not only that, industry experts say, consumers are migrating towards web-capable handsets and their supporting data plans from telecom providers to access more information and entertainment on the go. The whole scenario is automatically increasing the possibilities of custom applications for BlackBerry, the almost automatic choice of business people.
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